I live in Southern California, sadly, and every year I help organize a dinner event for the alumni of a UC Berkeley student organization. With an ever-changing budget, number of attendees, and venue each year, it can become quite the hazy mishmash especially since I’m not from the Bay Area. This year I left it up to one of the amazing young leaders of the aforementioned student group, and she THANKFULLY chose Joanne’s catering service to help us out this year.

As event planning goes, I’m all about the logistics: I’ve been gathering these folks together for YEARS, and I gladly take on the responsibility of doing so. However, I’m never one for planning details like food and beverage, and Joanne and her team blissfully took gracious care of all of us.

All while staying within our somewhat-unreasonable-but-still-functional budget, Joanne designed a PERFECT dinner buffet menu for us, including an absolutely DELICIOUS salmon that still makes my mouth water recalling it right now. Aside from the incredible food, she and her staff were professional, efficient, extremely patient, and even packed up our leftovers to take back home with us.

At the end of the event, all the alums (and even some of the lucky college kids who got to sample our leftovers, natch) raved about how awesome the food was. I am 100% willing to go with Joanne’s services again next year, provided that we can find another suitable venue.

THANK YOU SO MUCH JOANNE AND THE JGOURMET CATERING TEAM for orchestrating such a lovely, memorable, and YUMMY event for us!

Orange County, CA

Monica D.